The Petermännchen in Schwerin, Germany

Petermännchen in Schwerin, Germany

The Petermännchen (Little Peterman) is a good-natured household spirit who is said to live in the Schwerin Palace. He is rewarding those who are honest and good but punishs thieves and intruders. Today it is a sort of mascot and one can see him in many parts of the city life. There is even a coffee named after him: Petermännchen Kaffee. Continue reading

Museum of local history in Warnemünde

Museum of local history in Warnemünde, Germany

The museum of local history (Heimatmuseum) is located in a typical building dating back to 1767. Inside it tells about local life as well as about typical elements of a seaman’s life. E.g. there are collections of dioramas built by sailors or souvenirs like English stoneware brought home from numerous sea travels.

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