Arche Nebra in Saxony-Anhalt

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Showcase at the Arche Nebra in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

The Nebra sky disk is regarded as the oldest concrete depiction of the cosmos worldwide. Even though the original Nebra sky disk is displayed at the State Museum of Prehistory (Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte), the Arche Nebra is worth a visit. It is located within sight of the sky disk’s place of discovery.

Inside the Arche Nebra, a lot of innovative showcases feature the meaning of the disk and the period from which the disk origins. Tip: Don’t miss the planetarium show at the Arche Nebra. The show plausibly explains how the disk was used as an astronomical instrument.

The Arche Nebra is a partner of the cooperation project Empire of the Sun, which promotes Bronze Age sites with an astronomical significance.

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