Heidentor in Petronell-Carnuntum

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View of the Heidentor taken from a train

On a train journey from Vienna to Petronell-Carnuntum, I had this view of an ancient Roman monument. The structure is part of the Archaeology Park Carnuntum. Local people call this monument Heidentor (Heathen’s Gate).

Heathen’s Gate in Carnuntum

Historians suppose this structure was a triumphal arch. It was constructed like a tetrapylon or quadrifrons. After losing three of four arches, local people tended to believe it may be a sort of gate. So they started to call it Heidentor (Heathen’s Gate or Pagan’s Gate).

My thoughts about this Roman monument

I was especially impressed by the combination of ancient architecture and modern technology, like this Roman structure and the nearby modern wind turbines. I was surprised that the remains are still standing in free nature. For example, the Limes Gate in Dalkingen is protected by a glass shed.

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