Nürnberger Chörlein

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Chörlein of St Sebaldus in Nuremberg, Germany

The Nürnberger Chörlein is an architectural peculiarity in the old town of Nuremberg. These oriels artfully protrude from the upper floor of the houses onto the street and look like elite box seats. [German]

The meaning of the Nürnberger Chörleins

The Nürnberger Chörleins often served as private chapels with a sort of choir protruding onto the street. But purely profane use is also widespread. This clearly visible architectural feature probably represented a certain prosperity anyway.

The Nürnberger Chörlein today

Around 450 oriels once decorated the old town of Nuremberg. Since World War II, there have been significantly fewer. Today, the Sebald parsonage shows the most impressive Nürnberger Chörlein. It was created around 1350.

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