Loos House in Vienna

Looshaus in Vienna, Austria

The Loos House (Looshaus) is a central work of the Viennese Modern Age (Wiener Moderne). Architect Adolf Loos designed it in 1910. Because of the missing decorative elements above the windows, the Viennese called the building “The house without eyebrows”. [German]


Bummerlhaus in Steyr

Bummerlhaus, a late gothic mansion in Steyr, Austria

The Bummerlhaus is a late Gothic mansion in the city of Steyr. It is considered one of the finest medieval secular buildings in Austria. Its first mention dates back to 1450, but its oldest part may be from the 13th century.


Town hall of Retz

Town hall of Retz, Austria

The Retz town hall originated from a Gothic chapel. After damages in the Hussite wars, there was not enough money for a complete restoration. As a result, the municipal community started to use half the chapel as a town hall. [German]