Pharmacy in Uherský Brod

Old pharmarcy at a central place of Uherský Brod
This old pharmacy with a fascinating facade stands at the marketplace of Uherský Brod, a town in the Moravian part of the Czech Republic. This town is regarded as one of the possible birthplaces of philosopher John Amos Comenius (Jan Amos Komenský). A local museum reminds us of his work. [German]

Yenidze in Dresden

Former cigarette factory Yenidze in Dresden

The former cigarette factory building was designed by architect Martin Hammitzsch in 1907. The company name referred to the Ottoman place Yenidze (the Greek Genisea of today), where the tobacco was bought from. Today the house serves as an office building. [German]

Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

Construction site of the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

I love to visit construction sites of museums. They help to understand how the interior structure of the exhibition building is designed. With curiosity and blue protective coatings on my shoes, I enter the shell construction of the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. Its opening is scheduled for April 2019. [German]