Alter Brotladen in Melk

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Former salt magazine in Melk, Austria

This romantic building with its dinky corner oriels is generally known as “Alter Brotladen” (Former Bread Shop). Three different bakers in Melk used it as a shared bread store. Some sources say it served as a Salzstadel (salt storehouse) before.

Alter Brotladen in Melk

The website of the Melk communal administration talks about a joint sales outlet for three bakers. The heritage list of the Österreichische Bundesdenkmalamt (Austrian Federal Monuments Office) declares it as a former Salzstadel (salt storehouse) and bread store.

Anyway, during my visit in 2016, the romantic building with its shingle roof formed an intriguing contrast to the splendid Baroque Melk Abbey not far away on top of a hill. At that time, the Alte Brotladen in Melk housed a traditional “Trafik“. This term is an Austriacism for a tobacco shop.

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  • Link Description of the bread store on the tourism website (ENG)