Zeche Zollern in Bovinghausen

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Administration building of Zeche Zollern, Germany

The Zollern colliery (Zeche Zollern) in the Bovinghausen district of Dortmund is also known by the nickname “Castle of Labour”. The brick-stone architecture of this administration building may answer the question of where this title comes from.

Inside the administration building of Zeche Zollern, Germany

The designer of this building was the architect Paul Knobbe. In German, it is known as the ‘Alte Verwaltung‘. That means it served as the administration building. It looks like a manor house or a chapel, doesn’t it?

Today, one can get married inside this administration building. The photo above shows the entrance hall and the main staircase to the director’s office. The ceremony takes place in front of these stairs.

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