Gold panning in Angertal

Children can try their luck at panning for gold at this special place on a creek in Angertal. Display boards explain under which circumstances gold can be found in water courses. In a hut rubber boots and pans are available for the gold panning adventure.

Knappenwelt in Angertal

The Knappenwelt (Pitmen’s World) is a compilation of structural evidence of late medieval gold and silver smelting in Pongau. The reconstructed plant shows a roasting furnace, a smelting furnace and a cupellation furnace as they were in operation from 1490 to 1520. During guided tours, the water-powered stamp battery is demonstrated.

Gottlieb Daimler Memorial

This greenhouse owned by Gottlieb Daimler housed that workshop and testing station where Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach used to work for their latest inventions.

Hallors and Saline Museum in Halle (Saale)

The museum was established in 1967 in the buildings of the former Royal Prussian saline to Halle (Saale). In these rooms, salt is still traditionally extracted. At regular events, the visitors look over the Hallors’ shoulders during salt production. [German]

Warehouses at the city harbour of Rostock

At the Rostock City Harbour you can find old as well as reconstructed warehouses. In the rooms of the warehouse on the left side the headquarter of AIDA Cruises is based. The piers for the huge AIDA cruisers are not far way at the port of Warnemünde.

First aid room at Rammelsberg Mine in Goslar

Walking through the museums of the visitor mine and world heritage site Rammelsberg near Goslar gives an interesting insight in the miners’ life. For example you can see this first aid room equipped with materials from the 1980s.

Roeder Gallery at Rammelsberg Mine

There are several underground tours exploring the Rammelsberg Mine. I took the shortest one which goes through the Roeder Gallery. On this tour you follow the route of the water, channelled into the mine to set big water wheels in motion.

Fagus Factory in Alfeld

The Fagus factory is a very special world heritage site because the factory is still in operation. The buildings house a production for shoe lasts as well as a museum about the history of the company and shoes in general. The architecture is considered as an example of early modern architecture and was designed by…

ÖSWAG shipyard in Linz

On a harbour tour with a boat of the company ‘Wurm+Köck’ in Linz we also entered this shipyard founded in 1840 and still producing and overhauling ships. My first impression: ‘Gosh, how neat and green such a slipway can be’.

Oil mill in Neumarkt an der Raab

Have you ever thought about to sleep in an oil mill? In Neumarkt an der Raab a former oil mill for pumpkin seed oil serves as accommodation for participants of art lessons taking place in the region.