Knappenwelt in Angertal

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Furnace at the pitmen's world in Angertal

The Knappenwelt (Pitmen’s World) in Angertal is an open-air museum about the late medieval gold and silver smelting in the Pongau area. It is a station of the Via Aurea, which focuses on gold mining in the Austrian Tauern mountain ranges. [German]

The Knappenwelt in Angertal

The reconstructed plant in Angertal (Anger Valley) shows a roasting furnace, a smelting furnace and a cupellation furnace as they were in use from 1490 to 1520. During guided tours, visitors see the water-powered stamp battery in operation. Together with a smithy and a pitmen’s hut, the plant provides information about the life and work of miners back then.

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  • Link Official website of the Knappenwelt Angertal (GER)
  • Link Official website of the Via Aurea (GER)