Klopotec in Prekmurje

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A traditional bird scarer named Klopotec, seen at a vineyard in Prekmurje, Slovenia

An iconic rural element in Slovenia is the Klopotec. It is a sort of bird-scaring rattle. You find it in many traditional Slovenian wine-growing areas. They are also common in some parts of Austria (esp. Styria) and Croatia (esp. Zagorje).

The way a Klopotec works

The device uses wind power to operate several wooden hammers. A rotating axis with teeth forces them to lift their position and fall back onto a wooden board. That way, it produces the typical noise of such a Klopotec. The most elaborated Klopotec use a vane for putting the blades in the best position.

The Klopotec in Prekmurje

I took the pic on a hiking trip through the Slovene region of Prekmurje. The depicted wind-clapper is a smaller piece without all the technical stuff described above. I guess the noise by the rattle will scare the stares, though.

The Klopotec in Styria

I did know the function of this tool, as we use the same in Styria. In my region, we call this device a Klapotetz or Klapotez. Both names sound similar to the Slovenian one, which proves how close the people lived here for centuries.

The Klopotec as a symbol

Wine growers and restaurants often use it in their logos as this traditional wooden tool is positively associated with good wine. It also stands as a symbol with recognition value for several regions in Slovenia and the southwestern part of Styria. To sum up, this tool scares birds but attracts wine lovers.

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