Klopotec in Prekmurje

A traditional bird scarer named Klopotec, seen at a vineyard in Prekmurje, Slovenia

An iconic rural element in Slovenia is the Klopotec. It is a sort of bird-scaring rattle. You find it in many traditional Slovenian wine-growing areas. They are also common in some parts of Austria (esp. Styria) and Croatia (esp. Zagorje).

Church of the Ascension

A masterpiece by Jože Plečnik: The parish church of Bogojina, Slovenia

The Parish Church of the Ascension (Župnijska cerkev Gospodovega vnebohoda) in Bogojina was built according to plans by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik in the 1920s. The locals call the distinctive building White Dove (bela golobica). Inside, the ceiling is adorned with pottery from the surrounding area. [German]