Cellar cat in Poysdorf

The cellar cat, a symbol you often see in the Austrian region of Weinviertel

In the Austrian region of Weinviertel, you often see the model of a cat. This symbol is known as a cellar cat (Kellerkatze). Local people believe a cat living in a wine vault will always rest on the barrel with the best wine.


Radyweg in Poysdorf

The Radyweg, the longest wine cellar lane of Poysdorf, Austria

The Radyweg is considered the most extended wine cellar lane (Kellergasse) of Poysdorf. In earlier times, the buildings along the path formed wine cellars or press houses. A tour guide told me the length of all cellar lanes in Poysdorf adds up to 60 kilometres!


Klopotec in Prekmurje

A traditional bird scarer named Klopotec, seen at a vineyard in Prekmurje, Slovenia

An iconic rural element in Slovenia is the Klopotec. It is a sort of bird-scaring rattle. You find it in many traditional Slovenian wine-growing areas. They are also common in some parts of Austria (esp. Styria) and Croatia (esp. Zagorje).


Wine cellar lane Kirchengasse in Poysdorf

Wine cellar lane Kirchengasse in Poysdorf, Austria

The wine cellar lane Kirchengasse next to the parish church of Poysdorf was originally not a hollow-way but a defensive ditch for the fortified church.


Wine & Bible Trail in Poysdorf

Wine & Bible Trail (1) around the parish church of Poysdorf, Austria

Along the walls next to the parish church of Poysdorf, there is a wine & bible trail displaying quotes from the bible mentioning wine. Walking along this trail gives you some great insights about the correct use of wine and probably some good points for buying more wine at the nearby wine store (Weinmarkt) of Poysdorf.