Mural by Ferdinand Kubitschek in Bischofshofen

Mural by Ferdinand Kubitschek in Bischofshofen, Österreich

This mural in Bischofshofen was created by Ferdinand Kubitschek in 1967. Besides the big scale of the mural I was also impressed by the beautiful decorated soffit you can see in the upper right corner of this picture.


Höch Castle in Flachau

Schloss Höch in Flachau, Austria

Höch Castle (Schloss Höch), first mentioned in the 11th century, offers a nice view over the Flachau area. Inside there is a big salon with a splendid decoration made of wood. Today it serves as a venue for cultural events.


Sigmund Freud and room N°18

Room N° 18 at Villa Excelsior, Bad Gastein

Before I arrived at Villa Excelsior in Bad Gastein I had already read about one of its most famous guests: Sigmund Freud. He spent several summer holidays here. The audio guide talking about sights in Bad Gastein also told me it was here where Mr. Freud was putting down his thoughts about Eros and Thanatos.