TAKRAF cranes in Rostock

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Cranes at the city harbour of Rostock, Germany

Do cranes own personality? I asked myself this question while strolling around the city harbour of Rostock. There, I found two port cranes nicely coloured blue and yellow. They saw their completion in a GDR combine named TAKRAF in 1960.

TAKRAF cranes at the Rostock City Harbour

You find both TAKRAF cranes on the Haedgehalbinsel (Haedge Peninsula) in the Stadthafen Rostock (Rostock City Harbour). The two gantry cranes stand on three pillars and weigh about 70 tonnes.

Not far away, Rostock visitors see a bridge crane and the reconstruction of a historic treadwheel crane dating back to 1780. Another sight is an icebreaker named Stephan Jantzen. The Admiralty Shipyard in Saint Petersburg built this ship in 1967.

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