Roman Tombstone in Wels

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Roman tombstone in Wels, Austria

During the Roman era, the city of Wels was known as Ovilava and served as the capital of the province Noricum Ripense. Ancient remains are still visible in the cityscape. For example, this tombstone is part of a building in the town centre.

Roman tombstone in Wels

This medallion was a Roman tombstone dating back to the 2nd century. Today, you find it on the facade of a building with the address Stadtplatz 18. The depiction tells a bit about ancient dresses. The man wears a Roman toga, and the lady is dressed in a Celtic costume.

Archeological Museum in Wels

Today, the former Minorite monastery houses the archaeological collections of Wels. Inside the historic building, you find an exhibition about the Roman era when Ovilava formed the capital of the province Noricum Ripense.

  • Link Museum website by the Upper Austria Museum Network (DEU)
  • Link Museum website by the Wels Tourism Board (ENG)

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