City tower of Enns

City tower of Enns, Austria

Enns is considered the oldest city in Austria. Its city landmark is the iconic municipal tower in the middle of the main square. It is widely known for its colourful emblems. For example, you see the city arms and the date of entitling with town privileges.


Bummerlhaus in Steyr

Bummerlhaus, a late gothic mansion in Steyr, Austria

The Bummerlhaus is a late Gothic mansion in the city of Steyr. It is considered one of the finest medieval secular buildings in Austria. Its first mention dates back to 1450, but its oldest part may be from the 13th century.


Water tower in Wels

Frontside of the Renaissance water tower (16th century) in Wels, Austria

This water tower in Wels was built in 1577/1579 by Wolfgang Khranlachner. Watchmaker Clement Rench designed the water pump inside the tower. Artist Niclas Linkh created the colourful façade painting.