Sundial in Traunkirchen

Sundial in Traunkirchen, Austria

After visiting an exhibition in Traunkirchen I took this photo of a sundial at the walls of a former convent.


Railway station of Bad Ischl

Railway station of Bad Ischl, Austria

Bad Ischl was the summer resort of  Franz Joseph I, emperor of Austria and king of Hungary, and his family for many years. Generally they took the train to get to their villa (Kaiservilla) in Bad Ischl. The monarchy has gone but the railway station of that time is still here.


Linzer Schloss in Linz

Linz Castle in Linz, Austria

The castle of Linz (Linzer Schloss) was the residence of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III (Friedrich III) for several years in the 15th century. Today it houses a museum which is part of the State museums of Upper Austria (Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseen) and is considered a universal museum.


Railway museum in Ampflwang

Steam locomotives in Ampflwang, Austria

Me and two steam locomotives at the railway museum Ampflwang. This photo reminds me of how huge these steam locomotives really are. The museum is actually a collection of locomotives but also a museum for mining. A short railroad connects the museum with the public railroad and is open for special trips with old locomotives and coaches.