Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt

Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt, Austria

This fun fake traffic sign I saw in Hallstatt next to the famous Hallstatt Lake. Obviously it should people make aware of waiters crossing the street while serving their guests sitting on the other side of the lane.

Roman tombstone in Wels

Roman tombstone in Wels, Austria

A medallion, formerly part of a Roman tombstone dated with 2nd century, seen in a wall of a building in the city of Wels (Stadtplatz 18). The man is wearing a Roman toga, the lady is dressed with a Celtic costume. During the Roman era the city of Wels was known as Ovilava and served as capital city of the Roman province Noricum Ripense.

Shop sign at a hat shop in Linz

Shop sign at a hat shop in Linz, Austria

Shop sign of a hat shop in Linz. I’ve no idea why the faces are green but the green colour makes the sign even more remarkable. The decoration on the right side is part of the Christmas decoration 2014.

Christmas crib in Sankt Wolfgang

Christmas crib in Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Austria

An interesting detail of the Christmas market in Sankt Wolfgang (Wolfgangseer Advent) is a Christmas crib created by the wood carver Matthäus Mayrhauser. The crib consists of about 40 life-size sculptures scattered over a larger area. Everybody is invited to walk betCeen the figures so in the evening it is difficult to decide who is a real person and what is a wooden figure.

Scalaria Air Challenge

Scalaria air challenge above Wolfgangsee in Salzkammergut, Austria

While staying at the event location Scalaria in December 2005, I saw many photos and posters of this great water plane: the Dornier DO24 TT. It reminded me that the Scalaria Air Challenge takes place in the sky above lake Wolfgangsee every year.