Tramcar GM 100 in Gmunden

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Tramcar GM 100 in Gmunden, Austria

After a relaxing stay on the Traun Lake (Traunsee) in the region of Salzkammergut, it was time to head back to the far-away railway station of Gmunden. Surprisingly, a tram car from 1898 invited me to jump on.

Tram car GM 100 in Gmunden

Of course, this was not a regular tour. But I willingly took the chance. What is more fun than taking an open tram car during the summer heat? And there was another detail which made me proud. This spry 100-year-old saw its completion in my native city Graz.

For a long time, it ran on the Pöstlingberg Railway (Pöstlingbergbahn) in Linz. This railway is known for its exceedingly strong incline up to the Pöstlingberg. Since 1995 the GM 100 (ex Pöstlingberg IV) has been running next to Traun Lake (Traunsee) during selected summer days.

The beauty of a Lyra collector

While waiting for the departure, I realized the tram car used a Lyra collector. The name of this bow collector reflects the fact that its shape resembles a lyra. And yes, I love the elegance of its design. An intriguing detail: Before a change of direction, the driver has to swing over the collector.

Tours with the tramcar GM 100

The private tram association “Pro Gmundner Straßenbahn” runs the tramcar GM 100 on selected days during summer. On their official website (German), you will find more info about tours with classic tramcars.

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