Monument to Franz Wirer

Monument to Franz Wirer in Bad Ischl, Austria

This monument commemorates Franz Wirer von Rettenbach. He is considered the founder of the first Austrian saline water health spa in Bad Ischl. I found this bust in the local spa park (Kurpark). I was pretty impressed by the extraordinary size of the sculpture. [German]


Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt

Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt, Austria

I saw this – probably unofficial – traffic sign in Hallstatt next to the famous Hallstatt Lake. It makes people aware of stewards crossing the street. It happens to be that the restaurant and the open-air seating area are on different sides of the lane.


Sundial in Hallstatt

Sundial at the Hallstatt Museum in Hallstatt, Austria

Sundial seen at the walls of Museum Hallstatt located in Hallstatt, a world heritage site in Austria. The museum presents the 2nd largest collection of pieces related to the Iron Age Hallstatt culture in Austria.


Event resort Scalaria at lake Wolfgangsee in Austria

Lake view from a room of the Scalaria in Sankt Wolfgang, Austria

Scalaria is a hotel as well as an event location located next to lake Wolfgangsee in Austria. Ready for hosting and entertaining Iarge companies with their staff or clients. For tourists it is open during several summer weeks and Advent season. I was invited by the resort to stay there for a night and to learn about the best moments the place has to offer.