Lössl-Uhr in Bad Aussee

Lössl-Clock in Bad Aussee, Austria

The Lössl-Uhr (Lössl-Clock) is a technical gem in Bad Aussee. The public clock designed by Friedrich von Lössl was originally powered by changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. Worldwide it is the only remaining exemplar of this kind of Lössl-Clocks. Due of too much vibrations evoked by the traffic nearby the clock works with electrical power now.

Sundial in Traunkirchen

Sundial in Traunkirchen, Austria

After visiting an exhibition in Traunkirchen I took this photo of a sundial at the walls of a former convent.

Ort Castle in Gmunden

Lake view of Ort Castle in Gmunden, Austria

During a state exhibition about the Salzkammergut area in Austria I came across this castle which got famous for being the set of the TV series ‘Schlosshotel Orth’ in 1996. There are two castles of the same name. As this castle is located on an island it is often called Seeschloss Ort whereas the next one is named Landschloss Ort. [German]