Bronze Age Staircase in Hallstatt

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Replica of a wooden staircase (Bronze Age) in Hallstatt, Austria

The Austrian place of Hallstatt is known for its picture book-like view. But it is also full of history. Archaeologists found a Bronze Age staircase in the nearby salt mines. A public replica of this piece tells us about the finding.

The replica of the staircase

The replica of the Bronze Age staircase stands in front of the Hallstatt Museum. The museum tells about the regional history of the last 7,000 years. A focus is on the Hallstatt culture, whose name originates from this place in the Austrian region of Salzkammergut.

The original of the staircase

Scientists found the Bronze Age staircase in a salt mine near today’s Hallstatt. The mine is now part of several show mines dealing with salt. During a guided tour, you have the chance to experience the place of discovery for yourself.

Sources / More info

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