Wooden staircase (Bronze Age) in Hallstatt

Replica of a wooden staircase (Bronze Age) in Hallstatt, Austria

This replica of a wooden staircase in front of the Museum Hallstatt reminds of the fact that such a staircase dating back to the Bronze Age was found in the nearby salt mines.


Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt

Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt, Austria

This fun fake traffic sign I saw in Hallstatt next to the famous Hallstatt Lake. Obviously it should people make aware of waiters crossing the street while serving their guests sitting on the other side of the lane.

Sundials World Heritage Sites

Sundial in Hallstatt

Sundial at the Hallstatt Museum in Hallstatt, Austria

Sundial seen at the walls of Museum Hallstatt located in Hallstatt, a world heritage site in Austria. The museum presents the 2nd largest collection of pieces related to the Iron Age Hallstatt culture in Austria.