Tramcar GM 100 in Gmunden

Tramcar GM 100 in Gmunden, Austria

During my stay in Gmunden I had the chance to ride with a tramcar built in 1898. It linked the railway station of Gmunden with the Traun Lake (Traunsee)


Kammerhof Museums in Gmunden

Kammerhof Museums in Gmunden, AustriaDating back to 1450 the edifice originally housed an authority for administrating the salt monopoly. Today there are a couple of museums (Kammerhof Museen Gmunden) inside, e.g. a collection of historical toilet bowls.


Paddle steamer ‘Gisela’ in Gmunden

Paddle steamer 'Gisela' on the Traunsee Lake

The maiden voyage of the paddle steamer ‘Gisela’ was in 1872. Operated by the Traunsee Schifffahrt it is still in use for cruises, weddings and having meals on Traun Lake (Traunsee). On the photo above one can see the steamer in front of Gmunden.


Ort Castle in Gmunden

Lake view of Ort Castle in Gmunden, Austria

During a state exhibition about the Salzkammergut area in Austria I came across this castle which got famous for being the set of the TV series ‘Schlosshotel Orth’ in 1996. There are two castles of the same name. As this castle is located on an island it is often called Seeschloss Ort whereas the next one is named Landschloss Ort. [German]