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Wels Castle in Wels

Wels Castle in Wels, Austria

The castle in Wels is generally known as the Castle (Die Burg) or as the Wels Castle (Die Welser Burg). It was first mentioned in 776. At that time, the site was just a wooden building with palisades. The construction in stone took place in the 12th or 13th century.

Architecture Renaissance

Freihaus of Christoph Weiß in Wels

Freihaus of Christoph Weiß in Wels, Austria

The Freihaus of Christoph Weiß was built at the end of the 16th century. The Renaissance building is especially known for its window frames made of diamond-shaped bossages.

Roman Empire

Roman tombstone in Wels

Roman tombstone in Wels, Austria

A medallion, formerly part of a Roman tombstone dated with 2nd century, seen in a wall of a building in the city of Wels (Stadtplatz 18). The man is wearing a Roman toga, the lady is dressed with a Celtic costume. During the Roman era the city of Wels was known as Ovilava and served as capital city of the Roman province Noricum Ripense.

Roman Empire

Roman milestone in Wels

Roman milestone in Wels, Austria

Roman millstone (3rd century) seen in Wels, Austria. The stone, also known as millarium, mentions Emperor Maximinus Thrax and tells about reconstructed streets and bridges after an invasion by the Alamanni.

Renaissance Towers Water Towers

Water tower in Wels

Frontside of the Renaissance water tower (16th century) in Wels, Austria

This water tower in Wels was built in 1577/1579 by Wolfgang Khranlachner. Inside the tower, there is a pump designed by the watchmaker Clement Rench. The colourful façade painting was done by the artist Niclas Linkh.


Hoffmannsches Freihaus in Wels

Hoffmannsches Freihaus in Wels, Austria

This building generally known as Hoffmannsches Freihaus or Haus der Salome Alt was first mentioned in 1464. The name Freihaus (‘Free House’) refers to the fact that the residents of this building were outside the jurisdiction of the city court and were exempt from municipal taxes.


The 10th beer is paid by the mayor

The 10th beer is paid by the mayor This is an interesting sign I saw at a  restaurant in Wels, Austria. It says that the 10th glass of beer is paid by the mayor. Not sure if this a joke or a promise.

Public Art

Light bulbs at railway station Wels

Light bulbs at the railway station of Wels, Austria

In front of the railway station of Wels, I discovered this artwork. Powered by solar panels and fixed on flexible poles, the lights started to shake as soon as there was a breeze in the street.

Coat of arms

Heraldic device of Principality of Auersperg

Heraldic device of the Principality of Auersperg in Wels, Austria

At a building in Wels I found this beautiful as well as huge coat of arms. It belongs to the noble family of Auersperg.