“Pietá” by Anna Chromy

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"Pietá" by Anna Chromy in the city of Salzburg
In 1999 a strange figurine appeared in the city of Salzburg. It had chosen a prominent place under the Cathedral Archway between Domplatz and Kapitelplatz: The sculpture “Pietá” by Czech painter and sculptor Anna Chromy. [German]

The “Pietá” under the Dombogen

While researching this sculpture, I came across many different names and origin stories for this character. Maybe that’s what the artist wanted. The empty coat should probably invite us to reflect.

I read on the Salzburg Tourism website that the “Pietá” by Anna Chromy represents what survives us. What could that be? Our works? Our love? Other people’s memories of us?

But I also often read the title “Cloak of Conscience”. Anna Chromy has created several works under this description. One of these cloaks – made of Carrara marble – is even walkable with a height of 4.7 m.

The Cloak of Conscience

This title seems to me more catchy than “Pietá”. If we meet a figure without concrete forms, we complete it ourselves. Some may see it as death or an avenger. Strangely, I saw a Nazgûl in it. My conclusion: I may have a clean conscience, but I probably should reduce my movie consumption.

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