Roman fort Biriciana

Roman fort Biriciana in Wei├čenburg, Germany

Reconstruction of an ancient gate on the grounds of the former Roman fort Biriciana in the Bavarian city of Wei├čenburg. The fort was the garrison of the Ala I Hispanorum Auriana. [German]


Nassauer Haus in Nuremberg

Sundial on the Nassauer Haus in Nuremberg

The Nassauer Haus is a medieval residential tower in the centre of Nuremberg. The name is misleading. The tower has nothing to do with the aristocratic dynasty House of Nassau. After a previous owner, the building is also known under the name Schl├╝sselfeldersches Stiftungshaus. [German]


Tucher Mansion in Nuremberg

Tucherschloss in Nuremberg, Germany

The Tucher Mansion (Tucherschloss) dates back to 1544. It served as a summer residence for the Tucher, a patrician family in Nuremberg. The museum inside shows how such a family lived in those times. I was especially impressed by the old furniture still to see.


Nuremberg Youth Hostel

One of numerous huge QR Codes at the youth hostel in Nuremberg, Germany

The youth hostel in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is located in a part of the Imperial Castle complex high over the city. Though the rooms are pretty modern, there are also several atmospheric parts. Interesting detail: You can find huge QR codes all over the hostel telling you interesting details about the city of Nuremberg.