Roman fort Biriciana

Reconstruction of an ancient gate on the grounds of the former Roman fort Biriciana in the Bavarian city of Weißenburg. The fort was the garrison of the Ala I Hispanorum Auriana.

Nassauer Haus in Nuremberg

The Nassauer Haus is a medieval residential tower in the centre of Nuremberg. The name is misleading. The tower has nothing to do with the aristocratic dynasty House of Nassau. After a previous owner, the building is also known under the name Schlüsselfeldersches Stiftungshaus.

Tucher Mansion in Nuremberg

The Tucher Mansion (Tucherschloss) was completed in 1544 and served as summer residence for the Tucher family, a patrician family in Nuremberg. The museum inside shows how such a patrician family lived in those times. I was especially impressed by the furniture displayed in the rooms of the mansion.

‘Hare’ by Jürgen Goertz

This sculpture represents a female hare. It is located on Tiergärtnertorplatz within sight of the Albrecht Dürer House. The artwork was created in 1984 by Jürgen Goertz. No doubt he plays with his work on the Young Hare, which was painted in 1502 by Albrecht Dürer.

Stagecoach at the Christkindlesmarkt of Nuremberg

During the Christkindlesmarkt, the traditional christmas market of Nuremberg, one have the chance to ride on a 1939 reproduction of a nine-seater Berlin with two coupés from 1874. The stagecoach is supplied by the Museum for Communication which is also worth a visit.

Nuremberg Youth Hostel

The youth hostel in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is located in a part of the Imperial Castle complex high over the city. Though the rooms are pretty modern, there are also several atmospheric parts. Interesting detail: You can find huge QR codes all over the hostel telling you interesting details about the city of Nuremberg.

The ‘Neues Museum’ in Nuremberg

Fascinating modern architecture inside the walls of Nuremberg. The glass façade of the ‘Neues Museum’ is mirroring the old town wall. By the way the museum is about modern and contemporary art as well as design.

The coats of arms of Nuremberg

And now some history: At the left side the great emblem (Große Wappen) and on the right side the minor emblem (Kleine Wappen) of Nuremberg. The left one is generally used by administrative bodies whereas the minor one is used by some companies too.

Heilig-Geist-Spital in Nuremberg

An iconic view of Nuremberg (Nürnberg): The Heilig-Geist-Spital. The church of this building was the depository for the Imperial Regalia for many years. [German]

Schöner Brunnen in Nuremberg

The ‘Schöner Brunnen’ is one of the most beautiful fountains I have ever seen and is placed at the central place of Nuremberg. A ring embedded in the fence surrounding the fountain is said to bring good luck to those who spin. Another version told me spinning the ring rises your fertility. So be careful!

Bread store in Nuremberg

I had known Nuremberg is famous for its Lebkuchen but I was surprised how many sorts of bread this bread store (Feinkost Nikolaus Schwarz) is offering. Amazing how different the outer crusts and the crumbles of each loaf look like. And yes, I always love a good piece of bread. What about you?