Fun presents in Nuremberg

Presents from Nuremberg, Germany

Fun presents found at my hotel room. A box of Lebkuchen and the artist Albrecht Dürer as toy figurine. Actually Nuremberg is for both pretty famous. By the way a big exhibition with the works of the young Dürer will open on May 24th. A good reason to go back to Nuremberg soon.

City wall of Nuremberg

Town wall of Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is still surrounded by a city wall to a large extend. From my hotel located next to the wall I had this excellent view of the guard’s walkway.

Armoury in Nuremberg

Armoury of Nuremberg, Germany

The former armoury (Zeughaus) of Nuremberg built in the years 1588/89 by Hans Dietmayer. After its demolition during World War II it got reconstructed in 1954/55. [German]