Catching the moment on a train ride


Swiss castle behind the trees

I love train trips. I love to watch the landscape and to discover tiny details. And I love to take photos. Well, I am not sure about the last one.

Sometimes I am seeing fun details along the railway line. A herd of deer who are trying to run with the train, a hut with a strange roof, a mountain lighted by the sun in a certain colour.

Than I’d like to catch the moment. I try to grasp the camera and a few kilometres later I am ready to catch the moment. Well, you are guessing the point. It is stressful. It is frustrating as you miss the right tick. And it makes you blind for the next moment.

So I have started to make notes. Mainly on the computer but often on paper too. With a few words I catch the moment while I am still observing the landscape. And in the evening I am going through my notes and make some additions.

It is fascinating about how many details I can write even some hours later. About the first impression, about colours, shape and texture. About which thoughts came to my mind while seeing that castle hidden behind a row of trees or that boat pitching and tossing at the pier.

Of course such a text will never transform the exact picture of a sight. But it can activate the pictures in us. And this in each solution without thinking about diaphragm and exposure time.

Well, what do you think about this? How do you catch special moments during a train ride? Do you make photos or movie clips? Or do you writea kind of diary?

This thought I put down while riding with an InterRail pass through Switzerland missing nearly all castles along the railway line on that special day.