Herrenchiemsee Palace in Chiemsee

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Schloss Herrenchiemsee in Chiemsee, Germany

Herrenchiemsee Palace (Schloss Herrenchiemsee) is located on an island on the largest lake of Bavaria with the name Chiemsee. The palace is also known as the New Palace (Neues Schloss) or Herrenworth Palace (Schloss Herrenw├Ârth).

The palace was designed by Christian Jank, Franz Seitz, and Georg von Dollmann. After the death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, all construction work was discontinued. Therefore you have the chance to see an unfinished palace.

E.g. one can walk through a finished grand staircase and a not finished staircase of the same type. For me this was an amazing detail as I could see the first time how simple brick wall structures support a luxurious grand staircase.

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