Creative Sculpture in Altenmarkt/Pongau

While walking along the venues of the festival Natura.Kreativ in Altenmarkt I came across a class in creative sculpture ran by artist Walter Puchmayr. Participants were told how to create artworks by combining driftwood, stones and metal in a creative way.

My first attempt working with clay

While staying at Landhotel Martha I took a lesson in working with clay. The lesson took place in a former farmer house called Waldwerkstatt. Well, what should I create? A pot? A plate? A heart? A locomotive … That’s it!

Landmatura in Schlierbach

At the farm house of Mr. Weingartner in Schlierbach I took a lesson in cutting hay with a traditional scythe. Interested people can also take a class learning about some facts regarding agriculture. Though this is mainly an offer just for fun the lessons are pretty informative.

Painting lessons at Lockenhaus Castle

Lets play ‘Guess the movie’! This photo was taken at that castle where I created a painting with some coffee and gold leaf. There is still some gold at my finger so about which movie I am speaking?

Coffee art at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

After taking a lesson in making Latte Art I did it again: Making art with coffee. At Lockenhaus Castle I took a class in painting with coffee and gold run by the Austrian artist Stefanie Moro.

How to distil schnaps in Kukmirn

At the hotel & distillery Lagler located in Kukmirn I took a lesson how to distil schnaps. For example I learned about the right temperatures (very important!) during the process and how to define the wished percentage of alcohol in your own schnaps.

Latte Art in Oberwart

The first stop of our creative tour through Burgenland was a coffee shop in Oberwart. At the stylish Stromberger Coffee to Go we had the chance to watch how to make Latte Art. Here you are! After a few minutes the first results were available for a photo. The procedure was presented by Franziska, proud…

Acrylic art at Lockenhaus Castle

Right below the walls of Lockenhaus Castle (Burg Lockenhaus) in Burgenland, I took a class about working with acrylic paint led by Elisabeth Holzschuster. Well, how do you like my first work? It is named ‘Blue car on a rainy day’.

‘Pinocchio’ made of Augarten Porcelain

Cute vase made of porcelain seen on a guided tour through the Viennese Porcelain Manufacture Augarten. The piece named ‘Pinocchio’ (mind the long nose) was designed by the Austrian designer Philipp Bruni. Fun detail: The vase can not topple down, the design makes it always to get up.

Augarten porcelain manufacture in Vienna

At the entrance to the Augarten porcelain manufacture where I was not only told about the process of making porcelain but also about the chance to take painting classes.