Breitachklamm in Allgäu

Breitachklamm in Allgäu, Germany

The Breitachklamm is a gorge located in Allgäu next to the border between Germany and Austria. On the German end of the ravine, there is a helpful exhibition hall explaining the different parts of the gorge and how such a gorge comes into being.


Sound gorge trail in Millstatt

Waterfall at the sound gorge trail in Millstatt, Austria

Along a gorge next to Millstatt there is a fun trail (Klangschlucht Millstatt) which invites hikers to listen to the sounds of the gorge and the water. At this waterfall I was impressed to hear two completely different sounds: The roar of the waterfall and the gurgle of the brook named Riegenbach at the same time.


Hiking along the Mendlingtal

Gorge at the Mendlingtal, Austria

The trail along the Mendlingtal is a path of about 3 kilometres. It leads from a theme park about logging up to a former Hammerherrenhaus (Home of the owner of a hammer mill). The scenery is changing several times. Sometimes one walk along a tame creek, sometimes one walk along footbridges high over a stream in full spate.