Gothic town hall in Stralsund

The Gothic town hall in Stralsund dates back to 13th century. You find the landmark of the city on the Old Market Square. It is considered one of the most important secular buildings of North German Brick Gothic architecture.

Bummerlhaus in Steyr

The Bummerlhaus is a late gothic mansion in the city of Steyr. It is considered one of the finest medieval secular buildings in Austria.

Collegium Maius in Erfurt

The Colleqium Maius was used as main building of the Universität of Erfurt in the years 1392-1816. The windows depicted above were built in 1511/13. Nowadays they are part of a reconstruction as the original building was destroyed at the end of World War II.

The golden stove of Altenburg Abbey

On my walk through the basement vaults of Altenburg Abbey I came across this reconstruction of a Gothic tower stove. While unearthing the old monastery the workers discovered 62 tiles showing Bible stories, saints, emblems and symbols. They were probably created in the years between 1480 and 1510.

Twin spiral staircase in Graz

The twin spiral staircase of Graz is located at the former castle (Burg) of the city. In German it is generally known as Doppelwendeltreppe or Zwillingswendeltreppe. It was built around 1500.

Kornmesserhaus in Bruck/Mur

The Kornmesserhaus is one of the most beautiful Gothic secular buildings of Austria. It was built around 1500.