Bergkirche in Eisenstadt

Burial place of composer Joseph Haydn in Eisenstadt, Austria

The church named Bergkirche (Hill Church) was founded in 1715. It is also called Haydnkirche as the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn is buried in a mausoleum inside. A strange detail is the fact that Haydn was buried without head first as the skull had been stolen. After finding his skull in Vienna his body has been completed in 1954.


Haydnhaus in Vienna

Frontview of the Haydnhaus

The Haydnhaus in Vienna is the place where the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn spent his last years. The museum inside explains how Haydn lived in this period and shows some pieces of his household. On my first visit, I was especially impressed by the idea of reconstructing the backyard garden in the style of the 18th century.