City Halls Gothic Landmarks

Gothic town hall in Stralsund

Gothic town hall in Stralsund, Germany

The old town hall on the Old Market Square dates back to 13th century. It is the landmark of the city and one of the most important secular buildings of North German Brick Gothic architecture. I was especially impressed by the huge show facade.

Castles Landmarks

Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen

Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Really not the best photo taken through the windows of my bus, but what would be a visit to the city of Schaffhausen without taking a pic of its signature landmark? Munot was built as circular fortress in 16th century and serves as venue for events organized by the Munotverein now.

Landmarks Public Clocks

Clock tower of Graz

Clock tower of Graz, Austria

The landmark of Graz is a clock tower, generally known as the Uhrturm. It is placed on top of a rock in the middle of the city so one can see it from many places. Near the tower, there is a station for a special elevator. The shaft is located in the rock and links up the city with the clock tower.

Dragons Fountains Landmarks

Lindworm fountain in Klagenfurt

Lindworm fountain in Klagenfurt, Austria

The lindworm fountain (Lindwurmbrunnen) placed at the Neue Platz is the landmark of the Carinthian capital city Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. The sculpture was created in 16th century and refers to the foundation legend of the city. [German]


Golden Roof in Innsbruck

Golden roof on a snowy winter day

The Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) is a building with a late Gothic oriel located in the old town part of Innsbruck. The name refers to the fact that the roof is made of fire-gilded copper tiles. [German]

Landmarks Water Towers

Water tower in Mannheim

Water tower in Mannheim, Germany

The water tower at the Friedrich Square (Friedrichsplatz) in Mannheim is the landmark of the city. It was built in the years 1886-1889 according to the plans of Gustav Halmhuber. Mannheim is also known as ‘The City of Squares’ (Quadratestadt), as its streets and avenues are laid out in a grid pattern. [German]