Lindworm Fountain in Klagenfurt

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Lindworm fountain in Klagenfurt, Austria

The lindworm fountain (Lindwurmbrunnen) is the landmark of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. In addition, the lindworm is also part of the local city arms. The sculpture dates back to the 16th century and refers to the foundation legend of the city. [German]

The lindworm fountain in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt is the capital of the Austrian state of Carinthia. It borders to the shore of the Wörthersee, the largest lake in this region. Therefore the city is also known as Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

You find the lindworm fountain on the Neue Platz. This is the central square of the city. The sculpture made of stone saw its completion in 1593. The figure of Heracles facing the lindworm with a mace (in the photo, the club is hidden behind his back) was added by the German sculptor Michael Hönel in 1636.

With this addition, the lindworm fountain refers to the foundation legend of Klagenfurt. It says that a dangerous lindworm threatened the region. Several brave men killed the beast. As a result, the area was safe for founding the today’s city.

Lindworm versus Dracon

Writing about a lindworm makes me wonder: what is the difference between a lindworm and a dragon? Reading some sources gives me the impression that there is no difference. The term dragon origins from the Greek language and found its way into the English vocabulary. Lindworm is a word from the Old High German. So you will often come across a lindworm in sagas of German-speaking countries.

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