Radyweg in Poysdorf

The Radyweg, the longest wine cellar lane of Poysdorf, Austria

The Radyweg is considered the most extended wine cellar lane (Kellergasse) of Poysdorf. In earlier times, the buildings along the path formed wine cellars or press houses. A tour guide told me the length of all cellar lanes in Poysdorf adds up to 60 kilometres!


Wine cellar lane Kirchengasse in Poysdorf

Wine cellar lane Kirchengasse in Poysdorf, Austria

The wine cellar lane Kirchengasse next to the parish church of Poysdorf was originally not a hollow-way but a defensive ditch for the fortified church.


Steingasse in Salzburg

Impression of the Steingasse in Salzburg, Austria

The Steingasse in the city of SaIzburg is a pretty old street. During ancient Roman times it was a trade road connecting Iuvavum (Salzburg) with the south of the Roman Empire. The buildings on the left side are attached directly  to the rocks of the Kapuzinerberg Hill which creates some fascinating views along the street.


Hidden lane in Vienna

Hidden lane in Vienna, Austria

On a rainy summer evening I walked through this lane next to the Michaelerkirche in Vienna. Though it is situated in the centre of Vienna no one else was in the lane. A real place of silence in the middle of the metropolis. Do you know such silent places in your city too?


Laubengasse in Merano

Laubengasse in Merano, Italy

At the end of my visit in Merano I walked down the famous Laubengasse which is known as a lane with one of the longest arcades in the world. Which fine streets with arcades do you know?