Via Norica in Windischgarsten

Roman places along the Via Norica at a building in Windischgarsten, Austria

This mural at a building in Windischgarsten shows some ancient Roman places along a local part of the Via Norica. During Roman times Windischgarsten was a stopping place (mansio) at this road named Gabromagus or Gabromagi.

Blumauerhaus in Steyr

Wall painting at the Blumauerhaus in Steyr, Austria

This wall painting located at the northern side of the Blumauerhaus in the city of Steyr shows emperor Frederick III (Friedrich III.) and his son Maximilian I. The building is named after Aloys Blumauer who was born there in 1755.

Street art in Erfurt

Street art in Erfurt, Germany

Street art seen at a station of the local power supply company near the old city wall of Erfurt. I suppose these two guys are astronauts or – speaking in terms of East Europe – cosmonauts. It happens to be I came across more than one time such depictions of cosmonauts in Erfurt.

Sundial at Ankerhaus in Salzburg

Huge sundial at Ankerhaus in Salzburg, Austria

Huge sundial seen at the Ankerhaus in the city of Salzburg. The house is named after the insurence company DER ANKER (engl. the anchor). In earlier times the building housed the hotel ‘Erzherzog Karl’ where famous persons like the Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Austria (‘Sisi’) or the German Minister President Otto von Bismarck used to stay.

Mural by Ferdinand Kubitschek in Bischofshofen

Mural by Ferdinand Kubitschek in Bischofshofen, Österreich

This mural in Bischofshofen was created by Ferdinand Kubitschek in 1967. Besides the big scale of the mural I was also impressed by the beautiful decorated soffit you can see in the upper right corner of this picture.