Sculpture of Hermes in Bonn

Sculpture of Hermes in Bonn, Germany

While walking along the streets of Bonn I came across this sculpture of Hermes. Famously he is the god of the travellers. Well, I wonder if Hermes could be the god of the travel bloggers as well. What do you think?

Santa Maria in Castello in Udine

Santa Maria in Castello in Udine, Italy

The golden angel on top of the church Santa Maria in Castello made me think he is pointing me to anything special. A hint for a treasure? A mystery Dan Brown would love to unravel? After some research the answer was pretty simple: He is constructed like a weather vane and just show the direction of the wind.

Heavily guarded gate in Udine

Heavily guarded gate in Udine, Italy

Generally, I know Udine as a popular shopping city for us Austrian but the old part is worth a visit for people interested in architecture too. My first impression after entering the centre of Udine: Well, the gates here are heavily guarded!

Peculiar architecture in Bolzano

Peculiar architexture next to the railway station

The first impression of Bolzano after leaving my train was this building right opposite the station hall. I love especially the idea to put a sculpture of a lizard as an add-on.

The winged cow of Graz

The winged cow of Graz, Austria

The winged cow of Graz seen on a balcony in the centre of the city. Don’t ask me for details, I am not an expert on winged cows  🙂