Peculiar architecture in Bolzano

Peculiar architexture next to the railway station

The first impression of Bolzano after leaving my train was this building right opposite the station hall. I love especially the idea to put a sculpture of a lizard as an add-on.


The winged cow of Graz

The winged cow of Graz, Austria

The winged cow of Graz seen on a balcony in the centre of the city. Don’t ask me for details, I am not an expert on winged cows┬á ­čÖé


Lion at the Hofburg in Vienna

Cheeky lion at the Hofburg, Vienna

I’m not sure but I think this lion stuck its tongue out of me while I was taking a photo. The sculpture is one of two lions who guard the gate to the Swiss Court, the oldest part of the Hofburg Imperial Palace.