Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt

Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt, Austria

This fun fake traffic sign I saw in Hallstatt next to the famous Hallstatt Lake. Obviously it should people make aware of waiters crossing the street while serving their guests sitting on the other side of the lane.

Shop sign at a hat shop in Linz

Shop sign at a hat shop in Linz, Austria

Shop sign of a hat shop in Linz. I’ve no idea why the faces are green but the green colour makes the sign even more remarkable. The decoration on the right side is part of the Christmas decoration 2014.

Escalator in Vienna

Fun sign in a passage of Vienna This notice made me smile. The German text of the notice: ‘Diese Fahrtreppe musste aus Sicherheitsgründen außer Betrieb genommen werden’. Literally translated it says: ‘This escalator has been disabled for reasons of safety’.