Monuments to Elisabeth of Austria

One can still find monuments to Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, in different places of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Monument to Sisi at Wiener Westbahnhof

The 9th day of my InterRail journey ended at the railway station Wiener Westbahnhof in Vienna. It was nearly midnight when I arrived. Only the statue of Elisabeth of Austria (‘Sisi’) bid me welcome. The statue reminds me of the fact that this railway station was one end of the Empress Elisabeth Railway.

Monument to Sisi in Merano

In a park of Merano I came across a monument to Empress Elisabeth of Austria who was a very important guest in Merano. It happens to be I met her twice on this day. My trip ended in Vienna where I saw another monument at the railway station Wien Westbahnhof.

Monument to Sisi in Salzburg

Monument of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (‘Sisi’) seen near the railway station of Salzburg. The railway line between Vienna and Salzburg was named after her. At the other end of the railway line in Vienna there is a statue of Sisi as well.

Monument to Sisi in Vienna

This monument to Empress Elisabeth ‘Sisi’ of Austria is located at the Volksgarten in the 1st district of Vienna. The monument was designed by Friedrich Ohmann, the statue was created by Hans Bitterlich.

Monument to Sisi in Szeged

On my first walk through Szeged I came across a monument to Elisabeth of Austria, who was also Queen of Hungary. Her Hungarian name is Erzsébet but many people of the 21th century just know her by the names Sisi or Sissi.