Anhalt Theatre

The Anhalt Theater (Anhaltisches Theater) in Dessau-Roßlau has one of the largest revolving stages in Germany. The building was built in 1938 and rebuilt after its destruction in World War II. The quote “Begegnen wir der Zeit, wie sie uns sucht” (Meet the time as it seeks us) origins from a play by Wilhelm Shakespeare.

German National Theatre in Weimar

The Deutsche Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar is a twin institution, consisting of the Deutsche Nationaltheater (German National Theatre) and the Staatskapelle (Symphony Orchestra) of Weimar. The edifice depicted above is the main venue (Großes Haus) of this institution.

Kellertheater in Linz

One of my favourite diversions: Taking photos of decorations which don’t fit to the geography of the region. So I took this pic of an elephant seen at a building at the main square of Linz. The house is also known for being the home of a cellar theatre (Kellertheater) which generally performs comedies.