The window of Willy Brandt in Erfurt

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The window of Willy Brandt in Erfurt, Germany

In 1970 West German politician Willy Brandt and East German politician Willi Stoph met in Erfurt. Willy Brandt stayed at Hotel Erfurter Hof in a room behind these windows. The first visit of a West German statesman in the GDR had a big impact into the memories of local people.

The hotel, located opposite the main railway station of Erfurt, has been closed in the meantime but the windows of Willy Brandt’s room are still illuminated as a sort of memorial every night.

Since 2009 there is also a sign on top of the roof saying WILLY BRANDT ANS FENSTER (Willy Brandt come to the window) created by David Mannstein to recall an incident when a huge crowd of local people chorused to see the famous politician at the windows of his room.

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