Commemorative year 2019 in Weimar

Memorial plaque by Walter Gropius for the Weimar Constitution of 1919

In 2019, the city of Weimar commemorates two anniversaries. On August 11, 1919, the Weimar Constitution was passed here. In the same year, the Bauhaus movement was created on the initiative of the architect Walter Gropius. An interesting intersection of both events forms this plaque, which commemorates the 11th of August, 1919: It was designed by Walter Gropius. [German]


Kaisersaal in Erfurt

Kaisersaal in Erfurt, Germany

The Kaisersaal (Emperor’s Hall) in Erfurt forms a venue for conferences and cultural events. Its name originates from Emperor Napoleon I and Tsar Alexander I, who visited theatre performances in this building during the Congress of Erfurt (1808).


Grüne Tanne Inn in Jena

Grüne Tanne  Inn in Jena, Germany

In this inn the first German student fraternity (Burschenschaft) was founded in 1815. This Burschenschaft is therefore also called Urburschenschaft. An interesting detail can you see in the flag on top of the edifice. It shows an upside-down version of the modern German flag.


At the Stechbahn of Celle

At the Stechbahn of Celle, Germany

At the ‘Stechbahn’ of Celle. The former jousting field of the city was placed here. Though the sculpture is a kind of advertisement for a local bank I love the idea to portray the former use of this place by lances.


Odd horseshoe in Celle

Odd horseshoe in Celle, Germany

While walking through Celle I wondered what this horseshoe seen at the ‘Stechbahn‘ is indicating? Passersby told me it marks that place where Otto V, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg died at a tournament. Hmm, I always thought horseshoes are a sign of fortune? Obviously not in that case.