Council Building in Constance

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Lake side of the council building Constance

In the Council Building, the election of Pope Martin V took place in the year 1417. It was a crucial event during the Council of Constance (1414-1418). The German building name still reminds us of this event: Konzilgebäude or Konzil. [German]

Council Building in Constance

Today, the Konzilgebäude houses a restaurant and serves as a venue. That said, you can celebrate an anniversary or a party in the same building where the pope’s election took place about 600 years ago.

The photo above, I took in 2014. You see parts of a historical kitchen garden. This pop-up garden informed about medieval cultivation methods during an exhibition about the Council of Constance inside the Council Building.

Council of Constance

The Konzilgebäude is the largest but not the only hint for the Council of Constance. While walking through the streets of Constance  (Konstanz), I came across several depictions related to this event. For example, I saw a plaque with a three-headed peacock on the pavement and another peacock crowning a fountain.

Speaking of fabulous peacocks, they are not the only strange animals in Constance. So I rode with the Seehas Railway, a train named after a mythical creature living in Lake Constance (Bodensee).

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