Myths Railways

Seehas Railway in Constance

Seehas Railway in front of the council building

The Seehas Railway is a rail link between Konstanz and Engen. The name doesn’t derive from the existing fish ‘Seehase‘ (lumpsucker), but from a fabulous creature supposed to live in the western part of Lake Constance. People there believe the ‘Seehas’ is a hybrid of a rabbit and a fish.


Dompropstei in Constance

Former Dompropstei in ConstanceOn my way from the Imperia statue  to the Rhine Gate Tower (Rheintorturm), I notice a striking red facade. Around 1300 the St. Konrad Hospital was built in this place, which integrated an existing chapel. The hospital later changed into the Dompropstei of Constance.

Neo-Gothic Railway Stations Towers

Railway station of Constance

Railway station of Constance, Germany

The train station of Constance (Konstanz) was built in 1863. The architecture consists of a mixture of neo-Gothic and Renaissance. The tower is modeled after the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. [German]


Imperial fountain in Constance

Imperial fountain in Constance, Germany

The imperial fountain (Kaiserbrunnen) was created by sculptor Hans Baur in 1897. After redecoration at the end of 20th century by Gernot Rumpf it shows some allusions to historical events related with Constance. For example a three-headed peacock wearing a tiara on each head.

Automobiles Festivals

Heinkel Kabine in Constance

Heinkel Kabine in Constance, Germany

Ha, isn’t it a cutie? I saw this microcar generally known as Heinkel Kabine at the  Internationale Bodenseewoche. This traditional festival takes place at the harbour of Constance’s historic city center. It’s not only a meeting point for lovers of classic cars but also for powerful boats. [German]


Council building in Constance

Lake side of the council building Constance

In this building Pope Martin V was elected in the year 1417. This was a very important event during the Council of Constance (1414-1418). The name of this building still reminds on this event: Council Building (Konzilgebäude). [German]

Accommodations Towers Youth Hostels

Otto-Moericke-Turm in Constance

View of the Otto-Moericke-Tower from a boat

While crossing Lake Constance from Meersburg to Constance by boat I took this photo of a conspicuous white colored tower named Otto-Moericke-Turm. It is a former water tower which houses a youth hostel now. A fine address if one would like to stay at something special.


Paddle steamer ‘Hohentwiel’ at Lake Constance

Ship 'Hohentwiel' at Lake Constance

The ‘Hohentwiel’ is a paddle wheel steamer built in 1913 still in use on Lake Constance.

Exhibitions Museums

Constance in the year 1414 (Exhibition)

Poster for the exhibition 'Konstanz um 1414'

At the Rosgartenmuseum I visited an exhibition which told about the life in Constance in the years of the council. At this museum there is also a copy of a chronicle exhibited which is considered as the main source about the live around the council: ‘The Chronicle of the Council of Constance by Ulrich von Richental’.


Three-headed peacock in Constance

Three-headed peacock in Constance, Germany

A plaque with a three-headed peacock seen in the streets of Constance (Konstanz). Why are three heads wearing a tiara each of them? At the beginning of the 15th century, there were three popes in power at the same time.


Mobile baking oven in Constance

Historical depiction of a mobile baking oven

On my walk through the State Museum of Archaeology in Constance (Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg) I came across this interesting depiction. It shows a mobile baking oven which used to suppy the crowds with bread during the Council of Constance (1414-1418).

Exhibitions Museums

Archaeology and Playmobil 2014 (Exhibition)

Council of Constance by toy figures

Every year at the State Museum of Archaeology in Constance an exhibition takes place in cooperation with the toy company Playmobil. In 2014 the Council of Constance (1414-1418) was the topic of the exhibition with the title ‘Voll bis unters Dach‘.