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Dominicans Island in Constance

Cloister at Dominicans Island in Constance, Germany

The former monastery of the Dominicans situated on a tiny island in front of Constance (Konstanz) accommodates a hotel now. So guests of this hotel and its restaurant have the chance to walk along this cloister decorated with paintings by Carl von Haeberlin.


Hus Museum in Constance

Sign at Hus Museum in ConstanceThe Hus Museum (Hus-Museum) is situated at the the Hus-Haus which was supposed to be the harbourage of Jan Hus before he got arrested in Constance. During my stay in Constance an historian told me, this is wrong. Jan Hus did probably stay in another building. The Hus Museum is worth a visit anyway.


Stone of Hus in Constance

Stone of Hus in Constance, GermanyThe stone of Hus (Hussenstein) marks the supposed spot where Jan Hus was burned at the stake on 6 July 1415. Though the black boulder was named after Hus it also reminds of another victim burned at the same spot: Jerome of Prague.

Monuments Statues

Imperia in Constance

Statue Imperia in Constance, Germany

The statue of Imperia stands at the port of Constance (Konstanz). It reminds of the Council of Constance in the years 1414-1418. [German]