Frecciargento high speed train

High speed train Frecciargento in Bolzano

The Frecciargento (top speed 160 mph) belongs together with the Frecciarossa (190 mph) and the Frecciabianca (160 mph) to the group of Italian high-speed trains. The train depicted above is waiting in the central station of Bolzano for the exit towards Rome.

Railway Stations Sculptures

Statue at the railway station of Bolzano

Statue at the railway station of Bolzano

A statue at the railway station of Bolzano. Reminds me of movies like ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang.

Architecture Sculptures

Peculiar architecture in Bolzano

Peculiar architexture next to the railway station

The first impression of Bolzano after leaving my train was this building right opposite the station hall. I love especially the idea to put a sculpture of a lizard as add-on.

Castles Railviews

Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano

Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano, Italy

Photo of Sigmundskron Castle taken on a train trip from Bolzano to Meran. It was first mentioned as Formicaria in 945. Around 1473 Duke Sigmund the Wealthy converted it into a fortress and changed its name to Sigmundskron. Today it houses a part of the Messner Mountain Museum.