No parking sign in Velden

No parking sign in Velden, Austria

During my walk through Velden I came across this sign at the driveway of a hotel. I think the message drove the point home, didn’t it? ūüôā

Roman mail coach in Maria Saal

Roman mail coach in Maria Saal, Austria

One of the most famous ancient Roman stones¬†in Austria: The depiction of a coach immured at the Marienkirche, a church in Maria Saal. Though it doesn’t show a mail coach it is generally known as mail coach relief (Postkutschen Relief). Well the covering of the coach reminds a bit of a letter, doesn’t it?

Castles in Carinthia

View of Burg Niederfalkenstein from railway bridge

The Austrian state Carinthia (Kärnten) is situated in the south of Austria. It offers spectacular hill top castles (Burg) like Hochosterwitz and lovely Renaissance palaces (Schloss) like Schloss Porcia. Many of them, e.g. that castle depicted above, can be seen on train journeys.